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Document Preparation

Family Mediation Center provides DOCUMENT PREPARATION for divorce or modification of custody and/or child support and establishment of paternity only if the conditions below apply.   The documents are prepared based on information from forms we ask you to fill out.  Document preparation is appropriate when:

  1. The issues are very straight forward, simple and there is no necessity for custom language; and
  2. Parties have made their agreements regarding all of the issues and have no need or only a minimal need for mediation; and
  3. Our longtime assistant can draft the complete Decree of Dissolution and other paperwork from the information you provide; and
  4. One review of the final Decree of Dissolution by our mediator will be sufficient.

We are committed to making sure your paperwork is done correctly and meets our standards.  The pricing for the document preparation assumes that the criteria listed above applies. The mediator will be available to help you resolve minor issues, if necessary.  Any additional time with the mediator will be charged at our normal hourly fee of $375.

WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND FOR YOUR PROTECTION, UNDERSTANDING  AND FOR THE SAKE OF EFFICIENCY that you meet with the mediator to review your agreement before the paperwork is started.  It has been our experience that many people make incorrect assumptions about division of property and debt, lack knowledge about options, or may not understand some of the other issues that need to be addressed regarding children, child support or spousal maintenance.  If you are a candidate for DOCUMENT PREPARATION, approximately one (1) hour usually sorts everything out.  If it takes more than that amount of time, you may not be a candidate for Document Preparation.  Call for help to decide if DOCUMENT PREPARATION is appropriate for your situation.

The costs including Court filing fees for Document Preparation are as follows:  

Divorce with Minor Children

  • $1,250 for all paperwork including the Court fee and excepting the Parenting Agreement. We provide  you with a form so you can write your own draft Parenting Agreement.

Divorce without Children

  • $1,125 for all documents including Court fees.

Modifications    (Stipulation and Order)     

  • Cost varies depending on what and how much is being modified. (includes court fee of $81 - $360 depending on type of case e.g. establishing paternity court fee is higher)